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Preliner DN350 (14'') - Trenchless Supply Inc
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Preliner DN350 (14'')


Preliner protects the liner and epoxy from water and sharp edges. Because the uncured epoxy is water-soluble, always use Preliner in the concrete and clay pipe relining to prevent any damage caused by the water coming outside the pipe. Preliner also works great in the free space between the inversion drum and the drainage point to prevent excessive swelling of the liner. The use of the Preliner eliminates the potential risk of liner breakage in plastic sewer lines due to the different thermal expansion of materials. , TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material: high-density polyethylene (HDPE), free of dyes and fillers Nominal film thickness: 100 µm Nominal width N between 180 and 650 mm, tolerance +/- 10 mm, widths over 260 mm are produced with reinforcement Standard roll length 500 m / 1 640 ft Film color: white (color differences may occur), the blue pigment in longitudinal seam Identification markings the batch number, nominal diameter DN and length (marking every 5 m) are printed on the film to identify the product The inner diameter of the centerboard roll is 76 mm Roll markings: roll, type number, length, width, thickness, weight, storage