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Benefits of the product

Pipe cleaning machine, spray coating, and brush coating machine, all in this one device.

The Spraypoxy MidiCoater + has a dual cartridge system, which makes working even faster and you save time and money. Double the amount of epoxy and better epoxy flow in the hoses, with MidiCoater+ you can use 10 mm heated high flow spraying hoses, which help to reach up to 30m long and 160 mm size pipes. The MidiCoater + has also connections for heated hoses and a cartridge heater. With them, pipe coating becomes even easier, all year round.

1. Two epoxy cartridges in use at the same time: Less time wasted on changing the cartridges during the coatings, quicker material flow, reach up to 30m and 160mm pipes.

2. Including cleaning, spray coating, and brush coating functions.

3. Connections for heated hoses and cartridge heater.

Technical information 

1. Range DN32 - DN160 mm (1 1/4” - 6”)

2. Capacity up to 30 m / 65 ft (possible with heating)

3. Adjustable spray head rotation speed and direction

4. Adjustable cable rotation speed and direction.

5. Weight 24 kg

6. Length 600 mm

7. Height 500 mm

8. Width 280 mm

9. Voltage 110 / 230 V 24 V connections for cartridge heater and heated hoses 


1. Clean the pipe well. Be sure to remove all scale, grease, dust, and any other debris completely from the pipe before coating. Use grinding chains for cast iron pipes and flush simultaneously with water. For cleaning plastic pipes, use Spraypoxy Carbide Brushes.

2. Dry the pipe with a Spraypoxy Blower after cleaning and washing.

3. Begin coating by spraying. With spray coating, you get a thicker layer strength and a smoother end result. Use the correct size spray head centralizer so that the spray head is in the center of the tube.

4. With brush coating, you can coat easily sharp bends and deep pipe joints. Choose the right brush size for the pipe. Always use a brush that is one pipe size larger than the pipe to be coated.

5. Repeat the coating steps so that you get a uniform, smooth, and approximately 3 mm thick coating.